I’m a 17 year old 3D printing enthusiast living in Melbourne. I’m currently studying year 12, but have a lot of hobbies on the side. 3D printing is what I’m most passionate about and I spend a lot of time working on my printer and running my hub.

I currently own 3 printers: a partially built Hypercube, my workhorse the Prusa i3 MK2, and a Tevo Tarantula. I purchased a Solidoodle back in 2014, and whilst it was great to tinker and learn with, I never got the print quality that I was after no matter how many hundreds of hours of work I put into it. At the end of 2016 I bought a Prusa i3 MK2 kit and it was the best purchase I could have made. After spending a few days building it and getting it all calibrated I had it printing like a dream – better than my Solidoodle ever did. I now use it almost every day, printing orders from my hub or my own personal prints. The Tarantula was a recent purchase and I’m still in the process of building it. I am now also working on putting together a Hypercube Evolution Core XY printer which I plan to complete over the year.

I’m an avid designer and I’m always working on something to keep me occupied. I started designing in Sketchup when I was about 12 and haven’t stopped since then. I moved to Fusion 360 last year and absolutely love it. I’ve also done a little bit of designing in Sculptris.

My Thingiverse page can be found here, and my 3D Hub here.