Matthew Harrison - Jun 4 2017

Prusa MK2 V2 Calibration Bypass

Here's a quick little fix if you want to set your live z adjust value on the Prusa i3 MK2 without running the V2 Calibration, after performing an XYZ calibration. Doing an XYZ calibration will clear your stored live z value and require you to re-run the V2Calibration.gcode file provided by Prusa Research. If you tune your live z without running that gcode, it won't take effect and the printer will give you this message every time you switch it on:

"Distance between tip of the nozzle and the bed surface has not been set yet. Please follow the manual, chapter First steps, section First layer calibration"

If you'd like to get rid of this message and have your live z values save without having to run the V2 Calibration then you can use this instead: enable_z_tuning. Run this gcode file then enter your live z value and you're all set! It's a simple gcode file that contains one line: G87.

This is a Prusa-specific code that is included in the beginning of the original V2Calibration.gcode file, along with the mysterious G88. G87G88G88 command is received is also blank:

case 88:break;

It appears that only G87 is needed to save the live z value, and G88 does nothing.

Running this instead of using the included calibration file included by Prusa should only be done if you're confident with setting your live z with another file. This can be useful if you have a material loaded that requires different temperatures, or you'd just prefer not to run the V2 Calibration. Hope it helps!

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Big thanks for this! Your advice to run gcode G87; solved my nightmare as I changed MK52 hotbed on my MK2 printer and then I was not able to go through XYZ calibration even when all axes was right and all needed changes in firmware was done.

Ondřej Kotas

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