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Hey! It's Matt here - the Founder of Matt's Hub.

3D printing is what I do. In fact, it's been my passion since I was twelve years old. I started Matt's Hub with the mission of creating a filament that produces the high quality prints that your ideas deserve. The goal is to take your designs from CAD to their physical form in the way that you imagined - without compromise.

I set out to create a solution to what I saw as some major issues associated with 3D printing filament available in the Australian market.

So let's break it down:

Problem: Many 3D printer owners frequently struggle with hotend clogging.

Solution: Our PLA is produced from virgin Natureworks USA Ingeo resin, unlike other brands who may use recycled or lower quality resins. This results in a super smooth filament flow, and zero clogging caused by filament inconsistencies.

Problem: Many people experience an irregular surface finish on their prints due to inconsistent extrusion.

Solution: Our filament is manufactured with incredibly strict standards regarding filament diameter consistency. With a properly calibrated extruder and printer, users are able to achieve an excellent surface finish on their prints as a result of this.

Problem: Importing premium filament from overseas is prohibitively expensive, making it an unfeasible option for most Aussies.

Solution: I embarked on a comprehensive research process, sifting through hundreds of manufacturers until finding the one perfect for Matt's Hub. Together, we are able to fulfil and embrace our strictest manufacturing standards. Filament is warehoused in Australia, allowing us to offer fast and cheap nationwide shipping.

Problem: Filament tangling and snagging is a common occurrence, often interrupting and/or ruining prints.

Solution: Our filament is uniformly wound with no tangles or cross-overs. We guarantee that your filament will never arrive tangled. In fact, it's impossible for a spool to become tangled during the manufacturing process of our filament. Once the winding of each spool is finished, the end is cut and immediately secured. It's then vacuum sealed in a dust free environment, ready to ship.


I could continue, but I feel these are the most important things we help to solve.

Grab a roll and tag us in some photos of your awesome prints! I'd love to hear from you.

- Matt