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Tired of countless print failures caused by clogs, tangles and other filament issues? Are you looking for a more eco-friendly filament that cuts down on unneccesary waste? I was too, and that's why I started Matt's Hub.

We bring to you a premium filament that you can depend on, packaged and shipped in sustainable materials - for a competitive price. To top it all off, we've partered with One Tree Planted to plant one tree in Australia for every spool you buy!

We understand how important quality is, and we make no compromise. Thanks to our superior diameter tolerance of ±0.02mm and the best quality raw materials, Matt's Hub is trusted by designers, businesses, prototypers and hobbyists alike, all over Australia.

What our customers say

Hi Matt thanks for the fantastic PLA! Really impressed with it so far. Never had a spool so cleanly wound either 👍😁

Stephen Cook

Definitely Matt's Hub filament. It’s basically prusament that we can get at a reasonable price!

Mark Rhodes

Received the filament today. Have to say, I'm impressed with postage speed and initial inspection. Will definitely be back!

Jack Allen

I will be moving from Prusament PLA to Matt's Hub PLA

Peter L

Dear Matt's Hub, thanks for making a great product in the form of the 1.75mm PLA Grey... It performed really well

Nigel Hungerford-Symes

Great colour match with Blue PLA from Matt's Hub 😍

Joe's Workbench

Matt I don't think I've ever thanked you, but your website is awesome!... So Thank you!

The Full Stack Nerd

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